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Stars of Eridu - Decoding the Wisdom of Sumerian Astrology

Stars of Eridu - Decoding the Wisdom of Sumerian Astrology

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 Introduction to Sumerian Astrology
The Birth of Astrology in Mesopotamia
The Sumerian Pantheon and the Stars
The Cuneiform Tablets: Source of Astrological Knowledge
Eridu and the First Observations of the Heavens
The Role of the Sumerian Priest-Astronomers
The Sumerian Zodiac: Signs and Constellations
Astrology and the Sumerian Calendar
The Babylonian Connection: Legacy of Sumerian Astrology
Planetary Influences in Sumerian Astrology
The Lunar Calendar and Sumerian Lunar Magic
Sumerian Divination and Omens from the Stars
Celestial Deities in Sumerian Mythology
The Astral Temple: Sacred Spaces for Celestial Observations
The Ecliptic and Sumerian Astrological Techniques
Sumerian Astrology's Influence on Later Cultures
Modern Interpretations of Sumerian Astrology
The Revival of Ancient Sumerian Astrological Practices
Unlocking the Secrets of Sumerian Astrological Texts
Conclusion: Embracing the Wisdom of the Stars in Eridu

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