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Reflexology Manual ( With Master Resell Rights )

Reflexology Manual ( With Master Resell Rights )

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Learn All About Your Body & Heal Through Reflexology

Reflexology may be defined as a practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands using thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oils, creams, or lotions. Based on a system of zones, that reflects an image of the body on the feet and hands which in turn effects the physical changes made in the body.

This is a popular form of detecting and addressing any possible ailments, illnesses, or diseases the body may be undergoing. In ancient times this method was used to ensure that any possible negative problems in the body are arrested before it progresses to a point where it would be difficult to treat.

The pressure sensors in the feet and hands are all connected to various parts of the body’s systems. It functions like a network of intricate connections flowing from one to the other. By using reflexology the experienced practitioner is able to pinpoint the cause of the problem and manipulate it through a succession of pressure points on the feet or palms of the hands.

Ideally the chart on the subject on reflexology reflects the various pressure points and their corresponding parts of the different organs, glands, structures, and systems of the anatomy. These charts can also be looked upon as maps of the intricate workings of the human body.

This ebook includes the following chapters:



  • Chapter 1:
    The Basics On Reflexology


  • Chapter 2:
    What Are The Reflexology Points And Areas


  • Chapter 3:
    Assisting The Cardiovascular System


  • Chapter 4:
    Assisting Kidney Function


  • Chapter 5:
    Help With PMS


  • Chapter 6:
    Bettering Quality Of Life For Cancer Patients


  • Chapter 7:
    Increasing Energy And Feelings Of Wellbeing


  • Chapter 8:
    Emotional Healing With Reflexology


  • Chapter 9:
    Boosting Your Immune System


  • Chapter 10:
    How To Do Self Reflexology, Find A Practitioner And Possible Side Effects


  • Wrapping Up


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