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Predicting My Future

Palmistry Secrets Revealed

Palmistry Secrets Revealed

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Discover the Hidden Secrets that lie in the palm of every hand...

The study of hands can be traced back to the very earliest, most enlightened forms of civilization. It has been practiced by the greatest minds in all those civilizations that have left their mental philosophies and their monuments for us to marvel at. India, China, Persia, Egypt, Rome -- all in their study of mankind have placed the greatest store in the study of the hand.


As the student of anatomy can build up the entire system from the examination of a single bone, so may a person by a careful study of the hand build up the entire action of the system and trace every effect back to its cause.

Everyone knows that "the face can wear a mask," that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the best judgment. But hands cannot change as the result of a mere effort to please.

With this guidebook, the more elaborate details concerning the ultimate success of a particular person, their more intimate character and their future development can be found by studying their hands.

Here you will find out many secrets, such as:

 How a particluar characteristic of the fingers reveal an individual to be possessing coarse instincts, devoid of real intellectuality, and belonging to the lower order of humanity.



  • How the length and girth of the fingers can tell that an individual is not suited to business or any work requiring "level headedness" and practicality.

    • How the joints of the fingers can tell if one is dependable or impulsive, would lack a sense of detail or a love for detail in his own work, would be visionary, artistic, and emotional.

    • How to tell if an individual desires glory, celebrity, publicity and the like.

    • How to tell if an individual has the love of spending money and gambling tendencies.

    • How a particular curve of a line reveals an individual to be extremely sensitive, who generally separate themselves from others, and often retire from the world altogether to live a solitary life.

    • How one line has an intimate connection with the vital organs of the body which enables it to foretell the length of life from natural causes.

    • How "The Line of Destiny" undoubtedly indicates the main events of one's career.

    • Why one particular line on the hand is considered the most important of all lines.

    • And so much more ...

    What you will have with this eBook is one of the most comprehensive and detailed examinations on the subject.

    Following are the topics covered in this amazing eBook:



    Preface 2
    Introduction 13
    PART I
    I. A Brief Résumé of the History of the Study of Hands ... 23
    II. The Line of Head or the Indications of Mentality 31
    The Line of Head & its Variations 33
    The Line of Head joined to the Line of Life 39
    The Line of Head separated from the Line of Life 43
    The Line of Head & its Secondary Signs 46
    Changes in the Line of Head 50
    Crosses & Squares in connection with the Line of Head 55
    Double Lines of Head 56
    The Line of Head on the 7 Types of Hands 58
    III. The Line of Life & Its Variations 60
    IV. The Line of Mars Or Inner Life Line 69
    V. The Line of Destiny Or Fate 72
    From the Line of Life 75
    From the Wrist 76
    From the Mount of the Moon 76
    From the Middle of the Palm 81
    Influence Lines to the Line of Fate 83
    Double Lines of Fate 84
    VI. The Line of the Sun or Success 86
    From the Line of Life 88
    From the Line of Fate 88
    From the Plain of Mars 88
    From the Mount of the Moon 88
    From the Line of Head 88
    From the Line of Heart 88
    VII. The Line of Heart as indicating the Affectionate and Emotional Nature 93
    VIII. Signs Relating to Marriage 98
    The Line of Marriage:
    At the Base of the Fourth Finger 98
    Influence Lines to the Fate Line 103
    Influence Lines on Venus 106
    IX. Lines denoting Children, their Sex, & Other Matters concerning Them 107
    X. The Line of Health or Hepatica 109
    XI. The Girdle of Venus 113
    The Ring of Saturn 115
    The Bracelets 116
    XII. The Line of Intuition 117
    The Via Lasciva 119
    XIII. La Croix Mystique 120
    The Ring of Solomon 121
    XIV. Travels, Voyages & Accidents 121
    XV. The Island, the Circle, the Spot & the Grille 125
    XVI. The Star, Cross, & Square 128
    XVII. Different Classes of Lines of Right & Left Hands 132
    XVIII. The Great Triangle & Quadrangle 135
    XIX. How to tell Time & Dates of Principal Events in the Life 137
    I. The Study of the Shape of Hands 141
    The 7 Types of Hands
    The Elementary 143
    The Square 145
    The Spatulate 146
    The Philosophic 147
    The Conic 149
    The Psychic 150
    The Mixed 151
    II. The Thumb 152
    The Supple Jointed 153
    The Firm Jointed 153
    The First, Second & Third Phalange 156
    III. The Fingers 158
    Length of Fingers to one another 158
    Smooth Jointed 159
    Knotty Jointed 159
    IV. The Nails 161
    Long Nails 161
    Short Nails 162
    Flat Nails 163
    Their Indications of Disease 164
    V. The Mounts of the Hand 164
    VI. The Mount of Mars 168
    VII. The Mount of Jupiter 174
    VIII. The Mount of Saturn 178
    IX. The Mount of the Sun 183
    X. The Mount of Mercury 187
    XI. The Mount of The Moon 193
    XII. The Mount of Venus 198
    XIII. Advice to The Student ... 203
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