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Predicting My Future

Navigate The Astral Plane ( with Master Resell Rights )

Navigate The Astral Plane ( with Master Resell Rights )

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Experience Breath-Taking, Life-Changing Experiences Through Astral Projections

The Astral Plane ... During sleep or in trance, if the insistent physical senses are for the time in abeyance, this other world is to some extent opened to him, and he will occasionally bring back from those circumstances more or less faint memories of what he has encountered and heard there.

The beginning point which it is essential to make clear in describing this astral plane is its downright reality. Objects and inhabitants of the astral plane are genuine in precisely the same way as our own bodies, our pieces of furniture, our homes are real.

While you astral travel, you'll go through a feeling much like flying through the air, while you're asleep. This flying sensation is the way by which the astral body moves along the astral plane. It's elementary to do. Before going to sleep, you ought to think about where you wish to go and what you wish to do, while your body is asleep. Your subconscious mind and astral body work to fulfill that which you want.

For many people learning and practicing astral travel and astral projection provides them a wonderful fresh freedom that they've never experienced previously. Astral travel makes going anyplace you want and doing anything you like really possible.

This ebook includes the following chapters:


  • Chapter 1:
    The Basics


  • Chapter 2:
    What You See


  • Chapter 3:
    Who Is There


  • Chapter 4:
    Astral Projection


  • Chapter 5:
    Astral Travel


  • Wrapping Up

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