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Natural Treatments for Dandruff

Natural Treatments for Dandruff

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Finally ... A real cure for dandruff. No medication, no weird cures. Are you sick to death of being sold products that could make the problem worse? Are you sick of the shampoos and conditioners that make your head smell like sulphur? If so then try a permanent revolutionary treatment for dandruff. No messy creams, smelly solutions or strange diets!

In this eBook, you'll learn how to cure your dandruff once and for all. And you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars. You do not have to buy shampoos and creams that make you stink. You do not have put any kind of medicated oil on our scalp. Believe it or not you can cure your dandruff forever by changing your lifestyle and applying a few simple cures. Cure dandruff the natural way -- and you will soon have a healthy and normal hair and scalp again.

There are actually several natural cures that not only help manage the problem but actually get rid of it for good.

In this ebook you will learn about:


  • How aromatherapy might assist you when it comes to controlling dandruff.


  • Vitamins and minerals you can take to encourage a healthy scalp and a healthy head of hair.


  • The one major vitamin you absolutely should be supplementing with in order to cure your dandruff.


  • How to reduce stress and anxiety in your life to discourage the scalp flaking process from perpetuating itself.


  • How to assess what you are eating and drinking everyday to see if it is causing your dandruff.


  • The relationship between spicy foods and dandruff.


  • What beverage you should be drinking all of the time to prevent dandruff.


  • The relationship between how you breathe and chronic dandruff.


  • Your options when it comes to using homeopathic cures for your dandruff.


  • The two natural shampoos that do really work to cure your dandruff.


  • The natural antifungal oil from South Wales in Australia that can help kill the fungus that cause some cases of dandruff.


  • How the gel from a common household plant can help cure dandruff.


  • How a simple juice from a common fruit can help prevent dandruff.


  • The tropical fruit you can steam your hair and scalp with to help prevent dandruff.


  • The seasoning that can be made into a tea to help remedy scalp problems.


  • How you can use baking soda to prevent dandruff.


  • How you can use the seeds of a common gourd to keep the yeast that causes dandruff at bay.


  • What common herb that you can grow in your garden has antibacterial and rejuvenating effects on the scalp.


  • The secret juice made from a root that can help clear up chronic scalp flaking.


  • And much, much more!

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