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Natural Cures for Depression

Natural Cures for Depression

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If you have been diagnosed as depressed, or feel that you might be suffering from one of the many clinical forms of depression such as manic depression or bi-polar disorder, then this eBook can help. Have you been prescribed antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications or monoxidase inhibitors to handle your state of mind and are absolutely sick of the expense and side effects that they cause?


In this eBook you will find out everything that you have ever wanted to know about depression, including -

  • Why it is difficult to generalize depression as just a mood disorder
  • The link between physical problems and depression
  • Why you need a physical check up at the first sign that you are depressed - did you know that many fatal and serious diseases have depression as an initial major symptom?
  • How depression can affect you in every facet of your life
  • All about major depression (sometimes known as clinical depression, unipolar depression or unipolar disorder)
  • How long you have to be depressed for to qualify as being truly clinically depressed.

Depression starts mainly between the age of thirty and forty with statistics in the United States showing that the condition peaks in severity between the ages of fifty and sixty.

In this eBook we also discuss -

  • The biological causes of depression
  • The psychological triggers for depression
  • Social factors that can cause it
  • The role that brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and norephinephrine play in depression
  • How depression can be the result of heredity
  • What the latest research says about the hard wired genetic disposition towards depression
  • How physicians generally determine what anti-depressant you should be prescribed
  • The different sub types of major depression including atypical depression, psychotic depression and melancholic depression
  • How to recognize the warning signs of manic depression
  • How depression and bipolar depression can later your judgement and change your thinking
  • The relationship between depression and manic depression and genius levels of creativity
  • How certain kinds of depression can actually heighten your sexual desire
  • How certain types of depression can affect your speech
  • Signs of a true depressive episode
  • How to recognize suicidal signs
  • Situational triggers for depression (such as a break up or sudden sickness)
  • How to identify bipolar disorder in children
  • The symptoms of dysthymia
  • How to identify post partum depression
  • The things you can do (stop smoking and stop breast feeding) in order to prevent post partum depression
  • How to tell if you are suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • How to use bright light therapy to treat SAD
  • How to distinguish attention deficit disorder from bipolar disorder and avoid having your child dosed with the wrong medications
  • How you can have a pre-existing vulnerability towards depression and be caught off guard when you are hit by a life crisis!
  • The role that environment can play in depression
  • How the climate you live in can affect your moods
  • How the amount of sunlight you receive can help
  • The role of vitamin D when it comes to controlling depression
  • How helping others can stop you wallowing in your own disorder
  • How artificial light sources can be used as light therapy to help people with depression
  • How the way you describe what you are going through affects other people
  • How to recognize that depression is not a illness but rather a cry for change
  • How cleaning out your life of emotional and physical clutter can lead to improvement
  • How turning negatives into positive can help

In Natural Cures for Depression, you will discover how to manage your depression and also eventually cure yourself of it. Learn how -

  • Exercise and yoga can help cure depression
  • The best type of yoga for depression
  • How and when to exercise to help cure depression
  • How hypnotherapy is used to treat depression
  • How traditional Chinese Medicine can help you get over depression
  • Emotional freedom techniques that were invented in the 1990s can help regulate the emotional stress that can contribute to depression
  • How to use the herb St. Johns Wort as a natural cure
  • The role that Omega-3 fatty acids play in regulating moods
  • What foods you can eat to help allay and alleviate symptoms of depression
  • What B vitamin is essential to helping you prevent the darkness of depression
  • What Sam-e is and how it can help fight off a bad case of the blues
  • The role that caffeine and alcohol can play in making mood swings, depression and anxiety worse
  • The role that sugar plays in causing depression
  • Which herbal remedies are most effective to use for anxiety, stress, memory loss and the other problems.
Are you ready to get off those pharmaceutical based antidepressants and free yourself from chemical dependency?

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