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Predicting My Future

Mind Health Secrets : Law of Attraction

Mind Health Secrets : Law of Attraction

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Train your conscious and unconscious mind for greater mental health … If you’re studying your own consciousness without meditation you are able to see that you have a waking state, a sleeping state, and perhaps daydream states and dreaming states while you rest. That’s about all we understand about ourselves on first inspection.


Your brain has a different dimension to it that you don’t see. Your consciousness is deep. Truly deep. Meditation is a procedure of discovery. It’s like you’re exploring something that has never been seen previously. It’s all that is below your consciousness. A few individuals believe that below our surface consciousness is a universal consciousness.

There’s a natural state of morality that takes place as one meditates and the ego starts to fade away. One naturally comes to a state of being in which there’s no harm done to anybody through thought, speech, or action. There’s no want, no attachment to anything and so one is generous, unselfish, caring.

One in that state doesn’t broadcast negativity in any manner. There’s no living in the past or the time to come any longer and so no disappointment. There aren’t any promises made to other people that turn out unfulfilled. There isn’t any self-serving conversation. When you’ve experienced the absence of the ego and thought … and the mind has stopped … you’ll live in a state that so few others even know is possible. You’ll connect with and strengthen both your conscious and subconscious.

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