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Predicting My Future

How to Develop Second Sight

How to Develop Second Sight

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A Study of Natural & Induced Clairvoyance

This ebook's purpose is to show the nature of Second Sight or Clairvoyance, the means of its development, and the kind of results that may be expected to follow a regulated effort in this direction. In addition, the goal is to show that the development of the psychic faculties may form an orderly step in the process of human unfoldment and perfectibility.

What follows in this ebook is the result of a personal experience of some years in this and other forms of psychic development and experimentation.


Chapter I. The Scientific Position
Chapter II. Materials and Conditions
Chapter III. The Faculty of Seership
Chapter IV. Preliminaries and Practice
Chapter V. Kinds of Vision
Chapter VI. Obstacles to Clairvoyance
Chapter VII. Symbolism
Chapter VIII. Allied Psychic Phases
Chapter IX. Experience and Use

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