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Astrology Reading - Basic 3 Month Report

Astrology Reading - Basic 3 Month Report

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Astrology is the theory that the specific positions and movements of the planets and stars at your birth govern your personality, strengths, weaknesses, passions and motivations.  It also theorizes that the movement of the stars, planets and asteroids impact your life, your experiences and your behavior.  It will give you knowledge of how to live your best life and gain valuable insight on how to work with others.


What is in the Astrology Report?

This detailed package will provide you with your very own, in depth, forecast report which will cover 3 MONTHS.  It will include:

Birth Chart Analysis:  this reveals the planets’ precise location when you were born.  It provides insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations.

Transit and Progression:  showing where you are in your life now as well as what you can expect in your future.  It will give you a full break down of your future trends for the coming 3 months.

A Progressed Lunar Phase Report:  this describes what the lunar phases are, and an interpretation of the lunar phase at birth and your current lunar phase.

Additional forecasts available...
There are also two additional forecast interpretations that can be added as options.
A Vedic Dasas interpretation, where the dasa periods are interpreted, and a Numerology Report, that will give further insights into your strengths and weaknesses.


How you will receive the report...

The report will be generated individually based on the information you provide us. Once it has been created, it will be emailed directly to you in pdf format. 

This report will only cover 3 months. If you require it to cover a longer period, generate the ULTIMATE 1 YEAR REPORT which covers 12 months. 

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