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Abundance & the Art of Giving

Abundance & the Art of Giving

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The art of abundance is discovering the provision in what is right before you, seeing the hand of God already affording you what you need, minute by minute. Then sharing the abundant blessings God has presented with others. And finishing the circle of giving by praising the One who gave the gifts for us to savor.

Fundamentally, true abundance is freedom. It’s rudimentary well-being, a fulfillment that isn’t dependent upon outside circumstances. Abundance is finding out how to trust in life. Its realism lived fully-being conscious, present, and whole. Consequently, the quality of your attention is the actual measure of abundance and it’s your largest capital asset in any state of affairs.

What we come to comprehend and affirm is that even through the hardest conditions of life, abundant beauty and affluence may be found. It’s our trust in the goodness and wiseness of things that lets us work our way through life’s blackest instants. In that way, abundance is faith in the common goodness of life.

Table Of Contents:


Chapter 1:
What Is Abundance

Chapter 2:
Passions Place In Abundance

Chapter 3:
Direction Is Required For Abundance

Chapter 4:
The Importance Of Giving

Chapter 5:
Karma and Abundance-What Is It?

Chapter 6:
The Art Of Giving

Chapter 7:
The Rules Of Giving For Abundance

Chapter 8:
What You Give Yourself When You Give To Others

Chapter 9:
I have Nothing To Give

Chapter 10:
Pay It Forward

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