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Mayan Astrology - Aligning with the Tzolk'in

Mayan Astrology - Aligning with the Tzolk'in

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Introduction to Mayan Astrology
The Mayan Civilization: A Glimpse into the Past
The Tzolk'in Calendar: A Cosmic Blueprint
Understanding the Tzolk'in: Day Signs and Numbers
The Significance of the 20 Day Signs
The Sacred Trecena: A 13-Day Cycle
Calculating Your Tzolk'in Day Sign
The Tzolk'in in Mayan Culture and Spirituality
The Tzolk'in in Contemporary Mayan Society
The Influence of Mayan Astrology on Daily Life
Mayan Astrology and Personal Growth
Navigating Relationships with Mayan Astrology
Mayan Astrology and Health and Well-Being
The Role of Mayan Priests and Shamans
Mayan Rituals and Ceremonies
Dream Interpretation in Mayan Astrology
Mayan Astrology and Natural Cycles
The Solar Calendar and Mayan Astrology
Planetary Influences in Mayan Astrology
The Galactic Signature: Your Cosmic Identity
The Long Count Calendar: An Overview
The Great Cycle and Its Significance
The End of the Mayan Calendar: 2012 and Beyond
Modern Interpretations of Mayan Astrology
Aligning with Your Tzolk'in Day Sign
Mayan Astrology and Personal Empowerment
Mayan Astrology in the Digital Age
Mayan Astrology and Contemporary Spirituality
Aligning with the Tzolk'in in Daily Life
Conclusion: Embracing the Wisdom of Mayan Astrology


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